Andersen: Women who make me proud

LAKE HALLIE — I have considered myself very fortunate in where I have come from, and to have married into a family of strong-willed women. I have two daughters whom I am very pleased to say will take crap from no one. I would like to say that comes from me, but it does not. My daughters are under the influence of the women they grew up with.

In my family, my grandmother on my father’s side left Norway at the age of 15 to settle in America, specifically in Chicago. On my mother’s side, my grandmother came to America from Quebec to settle in Clark County in the late 1800s.

My mother was a child of the Depression who, because of her parents’ intense wishes, graduated from what is now UW-Eau Claire in 1936. She taught school during the height of the Depression in such places as Butternut, De Pere, Ashland, Port Edwards and Corvallis, Ore. She raised three boys and worked “outside the home,” as they used to say.

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