Kristen Dexter to run for State Senate

Kristen Dexter to run for State Senate

Chippewa Falls – Former State Representative Kristen Dexter (D-Eau Claire) will run for the 23rd
State Senate district in the upcoming recall elections. Dexter pointed to Wisconsin’s struggling
economy and poisonous political atmosphere as reasons she decided to run during her
announcement today in Chippewa Falls.

“While the rest of the country moves from recession to recovery, Wisconsin has been stuck in
reverse,” said Dexter, referencing the fact that Wisconsin has seen 6 straight months of job
losses while the rest of the country saw 200,000 jobs created in December alone. “In addition
to a stagnant state economy, tens of thousands of citizens, including nearly 30,000 children,
will lose access to Badger Care.”

“For sixty days volunteers stood outside in sleet, snow, wind and rain to collect over 21,000
signatures to recall a senator who has stopped representing the 23rd senate district,” said
Dexer. “When Terry Moulton decided to hand out more than $2 billion in tax cuts while at the
same time cutting $800 million from our schools, he chose to follow the party line in Madison
instead of representing the working families of Bloomer and Neillsville.”

Dexter believes the current legislature isn’t capable of addressing the major issues facing the
state. “The tea party politics that the Walker/Moulton team steamrolled through Wisconsin has
created a deeply divided and distrustful atmosphere. We need leaders who are able to look
beyond partisan politics do what’s right for the working families they represent.

During her time in the legislature, Dexter built an ambitious and impressive record of working
together with leaders from both political parties on major educational reforms, economic
development programs, and health care.

“The fact is, Madison is broken and Senator Moulton is part of the problem,” added Dexter.
“That’s why he’s been recalled, that’s why he’ll have to come back before the voters this spring
and that’s why I’m running to replace him.”

Dexter and her husband, Donn, have three children. Before serving in the legislature, Dexter
was a member of the Altoona School Board.
Authorized and Paid for By Dexter for Senate, Jerry LaPoint, Treasurer

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