Terry Moulton and Republican Party Should Reject “Fake” Democrats

Dexter calls on Moulton to reject this frivilous tactic

Eau Claire – Co-Leader Fitzgerald, in announcing his chosen candidate in the Senate District 29 recall race, announced that “CERS fully supports Petrowski’s candidacy, and we are looking forward to working with him in advance of the May 8th election.1” Kristen Dexter, candidate for Senate District 23, is calling on Senator Terry Moulton to reject these same delay tactics and move forward with a May 8th election.

“I am calling on Senator Terry Moulton to join his Republican colleagues to reject frivolous, costly delay tactics, and hold the recall election on May 8th, the earliest day possible.  As I travel the 23rd Senate District talking to voters they tell me their priorities are employment, receiving quality education or job retraining, and access to affordable healthcare, and I look forward to a rigorous campaign and to debating Sen. Moulton on the priorities of the people.   The tens of thousands of people who signed a petition to recall their senator are ready to vote now.

We need new leadership in the 23rd Senate District, and we can’t afford to put off this election so Sen. Moulton can continue to raise out of state money from special interest groups.  I hope Sen. Moulton will agree with Rep. Petrowski’s statement that he “does not condone the practice of running fake democrats” and publicly rejects the idea of needlessly extending the election.”

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