Dexter Releases First Television Ad

Eau Claire — Today Dexter for Senate released their first television ad of the recall campaign ahead of Tuesday’s primary.  The ad entitled “Darlene” highlights Darlene Franklin, who is a Hodgkin’s disease survivor and was recently diagnosed with breast cancer.

Darlene Franklin:  “We’ve been on this farm for 40 years.  We’ve worked very hard to put it here, and we want to keep it here.”

“You fight to survive cancer, only to be considered high risk.  Nobody wants to insure you or your family.”

Kristen Dexter finishes the ad:

Kristen Dexter:  “How can politicians like Terry Moulton take money from big insurance companies, and then vote to kick people off their healthcare?”

“That is completely wrong; that is against everything we believe.  Wisconsin is not about moving backwards, it’s about moving forward.

To view this ad online, please visit:

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