Dexter to challenge state Sen. Moulton in recall

After being out of office for only a year, former Democratic legislator Kristen Dexter plans to announce today she will challenge GOP state Sen. Terry Moulton in an expected recall election later this year.

Dexter, of the town of Washington, said she was encouraged by many supporters to run and inspired by the hundreds of Chippewa Valley volunteers who collected an estimated 21,500 signatures, or 40 percent more than necessary, on petitions calling for a 23rd Senate District recall election aimed at Moulton, of the town of Seymour. Those petitions were submitted Jan. 17 to the Government Accountability Board, which is reviewing the signatures.

“That’s 21,500 people who said, ‘Whoa, put the brakes on here; we are going over a cliff fast,’ ” said Dexter, 50, who believes she can help get Wisconsin heading back in the right direction.

The names may be the same, but the circumstances and district will be different than when Moulton and Dexter squared off in a hotly contested 68th Assembly District race in 2008. Dexter knocked off Moulton, then a two-term incumbent, in that race by 272 votes out of more than 30,000 cast.

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