Halmstad: A woman’s worth

Following the lead of our governor, Sen. Terry Moulton appears to have forgotten the women of his district. Or perhaps he was influenced by fellow Sen. Glenn Grothman, who declared that women are paid less because money is more important for men.

Moulton’s voting record ignores the fact than many, if not most, women are the breadwinners of their family — women who work as hard and well as their male counterparts, but are paid 25 percent less. In other words, Jack earns $20,000 while Jill earns $15,000 for hauling the same pail of water up the hill.

With his sponsorship of a bill to repeal the state’s Equal Pay Law, Moulton turned back the clock on gender equity in the workplace. It’s the 1950s again, when women teachers were paid $1,200 less than male colleagues, despite having the same experience and skills.

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