Little known about interest in Hallie land

So who is interested in placing some sort of sand facility in Lake Hallie, off of Highway 124? So far, very little is known, and the notion that it has to do with sand is only a suspicion.

Here is all that is really known for sure:

Landmark Christian Church Senior Pastor Brad Crocker and Youth Pastor Mike Cohoon confirmed that a Minnesota company expressed interest in buying the church in a letter sent to the church  a couple of weeks ago.

Neither would disclose the name of the company, but theuy said the letter was not an offer to purchase the the 8.25 acres owned by the church.

Landmark Christian Church was built on the site in 1986.

“The church has not made a decision on what to do (with) the letter of intent. We’re just trying to gather more information” Cohoon said Monday. He said the letter does not specify what the company wanted to do with the property, and did not set a deadline.

Cohoon said the church will respond “when we have enough time to gather enough information and prayerfully consider what needs to be done.”

There have been unconfirmed reports of nearby businesses also receiving letters of interest.

Lake Hallie Village Board President John Neihart contacted Spickler’s Auto Salvage at 4258 Highway 124 to see if that company had been approached, and a company representative said Spickler’s had not.

The Lake Hallie Village Board has not received any contact from a company looking to purchase the church or any of the adjacent parcels.

Still, the interest of some company in buying land in the area, which is next to a rail line, was enough to start the rumor that a sand company was involved.

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