Opinion: Vote for Women

Wisconsin has never been as divided as it has become over the past 18 months. The Republicans in the state Legislature, led by Gov. Scott Walker, are the reason.

There are some things we all agree on – polls show most Wisconsin citizens support common sense policies – such as mandatory comprehensive sex education for our youth, the ability to go to state court to seek punitive damages in employee wage disputes regardless of gender, and access to cervical and breast cancer screenings. Yet state Sen. Terry Moulton voted to repeal all of these!

That is why I support Kristen Dexter in the Senate recall election.

Dexter is a proven leader who will stand up for Wisconsin women and families. Kristen also has a proven record of protecting women’s health and was instrumental in passing comprehensive sex education, pay equity protections, and improving access to women’s health care programs for cervical and breast cancer screenings. As a nurse I know that these measures improve women’s health and save lives while Moulton’s votes to repeal these laws will have the opposite effect. As more and more jobs are lost so too is health insurance, leaving many women and their families without health care. While the Walker administration and Republican legislators promised to create more jobs, the opposite happened, leaving Wisconsin families behind the rest of the nation. We need Dexter to once again move the state forward!

Elections are important, and this historical recall election will be no exception. Take a stand to restore access to women’s health and rights by voting for Dexter June 5.


Eau Claire

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